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This year's even will be hosted by the Anchor T ranch and Cecil Lee, Katy Sandlin and Bobby Sandlin.

1) CONVOY: There will be a convoy that forms Saturday morning in the Valero parking lot in Toyah on the north side of I-20 (there is only one). Look for Larry Longoria's Series IIa landrover and form up on him. The convoy will leave the Valero promptly at 7:30am.

2) DIRECTIONS: If you are coming out before the convoy, here are the directions to the ranch. Please be advised, cell phone service can be sketchy or non-existent. If you get lost, you may be lost for awhile. The paved roads are rough this year. The unpaved roads are worse. High clearance vehicles recommended, unless it rains. If wet, 4wd is advised. Be prepared for rain, although current forecast is clear.

Exit I-20 at Toyah.

Go North from the overpass into Toyah and over the RR tracks.

That road dead ends on the other side of the RR. Go left.

The road will bend back to the north (right) in a block or so and you will travel north 1/2 mile to another deadend.

Take a left at the dead end on CR 225.

After a mile, you will take a slow, curving, uphill, right onto CR222.

Travel on 222 North. When you have crossed six (I suggest tally marks in the dust on your dash) Texas Gates (also called cattle guards) you will be approaching the entrance to the ranch. It will be on your left.

There should be a small sign driven in the ground that says, "Run."

Believe it or not, when you make the left, you will then be on CR 231. It is pretty rough. No pavement.

Six miles later you will be at the ranch.

When you pass through a gate, please close it, even if it is open. If there is a lock DO NOT lock it.

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