Runners, here is your supplemental course of fire, and some pertinent information for this week's event. Please note, THERE IS NO CONVOY this year. You are on your own getting to the range. It is not hard. See the map on the web page, and the directions below. Directions consist of a single right turn.

2015 Run `n Gun `n the Sun Supplemental Course of Fire

1) The Map to the range is on the Web Page. There will NOT be a convoy this year. The range is not hard to find. FM 1216 is a blacktop road. The directions are: Go North on US 285 through Pecos. About one mile after you cross the Railroad tracks, veer right onto FM 1216. Stay one 1216. Go about 8 miles. Range is on the right. It will be obvious.

2) Be at the range at 730AM Saturday morning. Run order will be determined that morning. Latecomers run last.

3) Parking is tight. Pay attention to the guys showing your where to park.

4) Porta-johns will be onsite

5) Bring shade. There is zero other than what you bring.

6) The course is shorter than our usual. A touch under 5 miles by our reckoning.

7) Much of the course was bulldozed a few weeks ago. Expect deep powder concealing what's left of brush sticking up like punji sticks. Unless it rains. Then expect deep mud concealing punji sticks.


Rule Changes: There will be no mandatory magazine changes this year. No shooting sticks, bipods, etc# are allowed. Time is limited to 3 minutes for each station

Station #1 (Clear the trench) Two 12x18 swingers at about 100 yards. There are three shooting points. Shooter must hit both targets from each shooting point for a total of 6 hits to complete the stage.

Station #2 (Defend the beach) At the firing line there is a section of cattle panel suspended on t-posts to create a low-crawl opportunity. There are four reduced-size sillouhettes at approximately 120 yards. Shooter will negotiate the low crawl and remain under the obstacle to engage the four targets. Each target must be hit twice for a total of 8 hits. Shooter will exit the front of the obstacle, clear his weapon, and proceed. Shooter may insert a magazine into his rifle, BUT NOT load a round in the chamber, before negotiating the low crawl. Time starts before shooter enters the low crawl.

Station #3 (Defend the hill) There are 6 pistol targets and 3 full-sized Delta silouhetes visible from the firing line. Shooter must engage and hit each pistol target working left to right (6 hits total), holster his pistol, and then engage the three rifle targets working left to right. Each rifle target must be hit twice (6 hits total).

Station #4 (River assault) There are two 12 x 18 swingers at approximately 200 yards and 3 shooting points, each point progressively closer to the targets. Shooter will hit each target one time from each of the 3 shooting points to complete the course of fire (6 total hits).

Station #5 (OK Corral) Target is a dueling tree with 6 paddles. Shooter must work the paddles over to one side, and then back to the starting position to stop the clock.