2018 Run `n Gun `n the Sun - Course of Fire

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2018 Run `n Gun `n the Sun - Course of Fire

NO steel-core ammo allowed on the course.

1) A map to the range can be found at either of our websites: www.pecosrunandgun.com or www.pecosrifleclub.com. The directions are: Go North on US 285 through Pecos. About one mile after you cross the Railroad tracks, veer right onto FM 1216. Go about 8 miles. Range is on the right. You will see a white trailer house and a rusted tin barn.

2) Be at the range at 730AM Saturday morning, September 15. Run order will be determined that morning. Latecomers run last, if at all.

3) Parking is tight. Pay attention to the guys showing you where to park.

4) Porta-johns will be onsite.

5) Bring shade. There is zero other than what you bring.

6) The course is 5 miles long this year. There will be a river crossing.

7) Maximum time allowed at each stage is 2 minutes.

8) No shooting sticks, bipods and other shooting supports are allowed.

9) Obstacles/terrain on the shooting ranges must be used as cover/concealment and may be used as a shooting support - and touching the obstacle with your little toe, three-gun-game-style, does not count and will result in a DQ on that stage.

10) Targets will be shot from left to right on all stages.


Station #1 (Pistol only, rifle grounded) Shooter will have the option of grounding his rifle. From the start shooter will advance to the first barricade, use same as cover, and score 5 hits on the provided target. Shooter will advance to the second barricade, and score 5 hits on the provided target. Shooter will then advance to the third and final barricade and score one hit each on the six provided targets.

Station #2 (Fight to your foxhole) On the command of "Make Ready" both rifle and pistol will be made ready. On the buzzer, shooter will engage a silhouette across the river with his pistol and score five hits. Shooter will then advance to the second marked firing point and engage the second pistol target and score five hits. Shooter will then transition from pistol to rifle, and move forward, negotiate the low crawl, and engage two rifle targets at approximately 150 yards and score two hits each.

Station #3 (Reinforce the hill, rifle only) From the start point, shooter will move forward approximately 50 yards to the firing point. Shooter will then engage and score two hits on each of three targets, working left to right (6 hits total). Target ranges vary from 150 to 250 yards, position dictated by terrain. The targets are full-sized Doghouse (head & shoulder) silhouettes.

Station #4 (Advance to the curb) On the signal, shooter will advance to the first barricade, make use of the barricade as cover, and score a hit on each of the two targets. Shooter will advance to the second and third barricades, scoring a hit on each target at each firing position. The final barricade will be shot from the curbside prone position.

Station #5 (Sneaky Pete) Shooter will use his pistol to engage a single 12" x 18" target working his way down a V-Tac board. The target is about 10 paces. Shooter will work from top-to-bottom, using the painted slots/holes/shelfs, and must score one hit firing through each painted hole. Shooter will switch hands and shoot the last shot using his weak hand. (7 hits total)

Station #6 (You are all wet but you don't have to move) Shooter will make ready and start in the river. On the buzzer shooter will engage two 8 inch disks scoring 5 hits on each disk for a total of 10 hits. Shooter will then transition to rifle and score 2 hits each on two 12x18 targets about 75 yards distant.

Station #7 (The Rifleman's almost quarter mile) Shooter will move forward from the start point to the firing line on the buzzer. There will be 4 steel targets in the arroyo at ranges from 150 to 300 yards. Working from any practical position, each target must be hit twice. The 300-yard target will be an IPSC/torso-type silhouette approximately 18" wide by 30" tall. The shooter will be facing westerly, so if you are running in the afternoon, take this into account regarding your optics. Targets are to be shot left to right, near to far.