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13thAnnual West of the Pecos Run 'n
Gun 'n the Sun
Saturday September 20, 2014
Flip flops
are optional.

The Run `n Gun is a center-fire biathlon. The competition is the project of the Pecos Rifle Club. We created the
run as a fun way to test man and equipment, and to have something to train for throughout the year. This event is
not easy to put on. The range is far and away from civilization, and the logistics are a stretch. Good attitudes are
required. If a minor hitch in plans will ruin your whole day, this event is not for you.
The course is roughly six miles, cross country, with four or five shooting events spread along the course.
Competitors must carry all their gear, including water, stuck case extractors and anything else. No outside help is
allowed. Competitors receive a score for their run time, and a score for each shooting event. The scores are then
tallied on a spreadsheet so that run time counts 50%, and the combined shooting scores count 50%.
Entry fee is $95. We accept the first 50 paid entries. Mail entry fees to:
Pecos Rifle Club
P.O. Box 2057
Pecos, TX 79772
Safety: Firearms safety is a matter of common sense. Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your
finger off the trigger. This includes all staging areas. If you are unsafe, you will be told to leave.
Run Order: Runners will run in the order that best suits the needs of the event. Run order will be announced the
morning of the event.
Range officers (RO's) will run the day before the main event.
Stopwatch: All runners must carry a stopwatch of some kind. If a range is in use when a runner arrives it is the
runner's duty to start his stopwatch and show the range officer how long he had to wait. This time will be noted
by the range officer and taken off the final run time. This will happen. Be prepared. (And, range officers will also
have a stopwatch, to mark your wait time. Your's is a backup in case things are SNAFU).
Recommended gear: Semi-automatic rifle and spare magazines, one gallon of liquid, at least 100 rounds of
rifle ammunition, cleaning kit/ruptured case extractor, running shoes or boots, and a pistol with 50 rounds of
ammunition. Protective eyeware required for all pistol stages.
Timing Gear: All timing will be done with stopwatches. Time starts on the RO's command and stops when the
last round is either down range, or the last reactive target is hit, depending on the course of fire.
The Run: The course is flagged with 10ft pvc pipes and engineer's tape. The flags are set "as the crow flies"
between ranges. Staying close to the flags is highly recommended so that you do not navigate yourself into the
impact area of a range. Competitors may carry a pistol (live) for snakes and other varmints. Rifles will be safe (no
loaded magazine inserted, no round in the chamber) at all times except when competitor is on a range.
2014 Courses of Fire
NOTICE: A magazine change is required at every station with the exception of bolt/slide/lever action rifles. A
magazine change will consist of actually swapping between two different magazines (not taking the magazine
out of the weapon, stuffing it in a magazine pouch and then pulling the same magazine out for the reload).
AND no bipods or shooting sticks or other shooting aids other than slings and elbows and such will be allowed.
* All CoF's and scoring are subject to change up to the beginning of the race on account of weather, available
range officers, live stock on the range, etc....
* There are generally no shooting position requirements at any stage of the match. Any position allowed by terrain

is allowed, as are all slings, scopes, natural rests and magic potions. You may not use firing position marking
stakes as a rest. Also, you may not use rocks, branches and such from outside the marked position, to build a rest.
If it is within the marked firing line, and you want to spend time building a rest after your time has begun, go
? The procedure for each range will be the same. The competitor will approach the range. If it is busy, he
will start his stopwatch. When the range is clear and the RO is ready for you he will ask you your name,
record your wait time, if any, and then escort you to the firing line. Until you are given the command to
do so, DO NOT begin to make ready. Once on the line, the RO will ask, "Do you understand the course of
? When the competitor indicates he understands the course of fire the Range Officer will give the prefatory
command of, "Make Ready." Immediately thereafter the competitor may load and charge his weapon, but
will reamin in a standing position. The Range Officer will ask, "Shooter Ready?." When ready you will
receive the command of "FIRE."
? On ranges that require movement, all your gear must move with you as you proceed through the course of
fire. If it was on your body when you arrived, it goes down range.
? When you complete the course of fire, unload your weapon, make it safe, present it safely to the RO so that
he can verify that there is no round in the chamber and no loaded magazine inserted. On verifying that
your weapon is safe, the RO will give you the command to continue on the running course. IT IS THE
Stage One -- The OK Corral: Pistol only (3 minutes) -- the shooter will engage a dueling tree with six, six-inch
paddles and must move all six paddles to the other side of the tree, and then back again. Shooter will then proceed
to an obstacle, and engage one eight-inch gong from undernath some barrier Larry is making. Magazine change
BETWEEN SHOOTER'S FIRST AND LAST SHOTS (Shooter's choice). Those of you familiar with the
Appleseed's Red Coat course of fire will recognize this stage. There will be four steel gongs in the shape of the
black scoring rings of a Military "Dog" targets (head and shoulders). There will be one target at 100 yards, one at
200, one at 300 and one at 400 yards. On the RO's command the shooter will engage the four targets, starting with
the 100-yard target. Each target must be hit TWO times before the shooter advances to the next.
BETWEEN SHOOTER'S FIRST AND LAST SHOTS (Shooter's choice). There will be two gongs situated 200
yards from the beginning firing line. On the RO's command, the shooter will engage both targets with as many
rounds as necessary to score one hit on each. Shooter will then advance to the second, third and fourth firing lines,
repeating the process at each firing line. Each gong must be hit once before the shooter can advance. When the
last gong is hit at the fourth firing line, time stops.
Stage Four -- MICHAEL's AND MARK'S WALL OF SHAME (3 minutes) -- There will be two gongs at 200
yards. There will be five marked shooting positions behind a barricade. Each shooting position will present the

shooter with a fresh challenge. Each gong must be hit once before the shooter moves to the next position.
Stage Five --FIGHT YOUR WAY TO A RIFLE (3 minutes): At the the beginning of this stage shooter will
ground his safe rifle on a mat, and then proceed to firing position A. At Position A, after receiving the "Fire"
command, shooter will draw his pistol and engage 10, 8-inch gongs. When the last target is hit, shooter will
immediately proceed back to his rifle, load, and engage one or more targets at approximately 200 yards until each
target has been hit one time.
Stage Six --PEEKABOO (3 minutes): There will be one gong at approximately 100 yards from the firing line.
At the firing line there will be a barrier with five holes cut into it, designed to piss you off and make it difficult
to shoot the target. The target must be hit once while shooting through each of the holes in the barrier, and holes
must be worked from top to bottom.
OF THE RACE. The stage will consist of a course of fire for rifle and pistol to be announced at the beginning of
the race. IT COSTS $20 TO ENTER and the fee must be paid before you run the regular race. Shooters must show
up ready to shoot at the SEVENTH stage within FIVE minutes of finishing the race, no exceptions. The first three
places will pay out based on total entries. First place will also receive a belt buckles.
Headquarters: Our facilities on the range are rough. There is an outhouse. There is no running water. Shade is
limited. Bring some of both. No electricity either. Snakes, bees and wasps are common.
Emergency services: We should have a dedicated EMT this year. However, you will be at least one hour away
from the closest medical services, and cell phones often do not work. Please plan accordingly.
Directions: A convoy will leave the Pecos Flying J Truck Stop on I-20 at 6:30 a.m. -- SHARP. There is a map at
the end of this publication. However, it is highly suggested that you travel with the convoy. It is easier to get lost
out here than you might think if you are unfamiliar with the area.
Questions: Please do not hesitate to call Smokey Briggs at either 432-943-4313 (Monahans) or 432-445-5475
(Pecos) or 432-448-2049 (cell) or contact by email:

Welcome to Pecos, Texas!
Flying J
Truck Stop

Directions to the Run n Gun Range:
Take I-20 West from Pecos to Toyah
Take the Toyah exit.
At the stop sign turn right, cross the tracks, and turn right just after the railroad tracks.
Go left on Dubois
Dubois will dead end into County Road 221
Veer right onto CR 221
When CR 221 intersects CR 222 veer right again on CR222.
You will shortly pass the entrance to the Jobe Ranch on your right.
Follow CR 222 to CR 231. It will be on your left. It is easy to miss, but there is a blue and gold
county road sign.
Go left on CR231. This is a rarely bladed/used road. Don't be surprised by it not seeming like a
regular County Road.
CR231 ends at the Run n Gun Headquarters.

Run 'n Gun 'n the Sun 2014
Run fast, shoot straight
Registration ($95)
Telephone #s and email:
Emergency contact (name and number):
Known medical conditions / allergies that would assist a medic in treating you:
T-shirt size: S M L XL XXl.
Extra shirts $15 list size and quantity.
How did you hear about the event?
Please return registration
along with check for $95
to: Pecos Rifle Club
107 West 2nd Street
Monahans, Texas 79756
For more info contact Smokey Briggs at 432-943-4313, 432-445-5475 or