2016 Run `n Gun `n the Sun - Course of Fire

Contact #s:
Smokey 432-448-2049
Larry 432-448-3810
Cecil 432- 448-3841

1) The Map to the range is on the under the heading, "Maps." The directions are: Go North on US 285 through Pecos. About one mile after you cross the Railroad tracks, veer right onto FM 1216. Go about 8 miles. Range is on the right. You will see a white trailer house and a rusted tin barn.

2) Be at the range at 730AM Saturday morning. Run order will be determined that morning. Latecomers run last.

3) Parking is tight. Pay attention to the guys showing you where to park.

4) Porta-johns will be onsite

5) Bring shade. There is zero other than what you bring.

6) The course is 4.5-5 miles long. Tumbleweeds are not so bad this year.

7) Take note: maximum time at each stage has been reduced to 2 minutes.

8) No shooting sticks, bipods and other shooting supports are allowed.

THE COF: Station #1 (Clear the trench, rifle only) Two reduced silhouette (9 x 12) swingers at about 100 yards. There are three shooting points representing various forms of cover. Shooter must make realistic use of cover, engage and hit each target from each piece of cover. (6 hits total).

Station #2 (River Defense, pistol and rifle) Shooter will start in the river bed. On the command of "Make Ready" both rifle and pistol will be made ready. Shooter will then engage a single silhouette across the river with his pistol. After scoring two hits, shooter will transition to rifle and then advance to the first of three shooting positions. At each position shooter will make use of available cover and engage two reduced silhouette targets. Each position allows for supported positions. Ranges are 165, 135 and 100 yards. Before the last position shooter will negotiate a low crawl obstacle and must have his head clear of the obstacle before engaging targets from the prone position (2 hits pistol, 6 rifle total).

Station #3 (Defend the hill, rifle only) Shooter will engage four full-sized Doghouse (head & shoulder) silhouettes from the firing line. Shooter must engage and score two hits on each target, working left to right (8 hits total). Target ranges vary from 200-100 yards.

Station #4 (River assault) Shooter will engage two 12" x 18" plates at approximately 200 yards from three shooting points. The first obstacle is a simulated rooftop (no part of the shooter's body can be touching the ground). The second and third obstacles/cover should be used appropriately as cover. Both targets must be hit once from each of the three obstacles (6 hits total).

Station #5 (The Rifleman's quarter mile) There will be one IPSC/torso-type silhouette approximately 18" wide by 30" tall at 400 yards. Target must be hit 3 times

Station #6 (OK Corral, pistol only) Target is a dueling tree with 6 paddles. Shooter must work the paddles over to one side, and then back to the starting position to stop the clock.