2019 Run `n Gun `n the Sun - Course of Fire


NO steel-core ammo allowed on the course.

1) A map to the range can be found at either of our websites: www.pecosrunandgun.com or www.pecosrifleclub.com. The directions are: Go North on US 285 through Pecos. About one mile after you cross the Railroad tracks, veer right onto FM 1216. Go about 8 miles. Range is on the right. You will see a white trailer house and a rusted tin barn.

2) Be at the range at 730AM Saturday morning, September 21. Run order will be determined that morning. Latecomers run last, if at all.

3) Parking is tight. Pay attention to the guys showing you where to park.

4) Porta-johns will be onsite.

5) Bring shade. There is zero other than what you bring.

6) The course is 5.5 miles long this year. The river is part of the course. Be prepared to get wet.

7) Maximum time allowed at each stage is 2 minutes.

8) No shooting sticks, bipods and other shooting supports are allowed save what nature (Larry) provides within the shooting areas.

9) Obstacles/terrain on the shooting ranges must be used as cover/concealment and may be used as a shooting support - and touching the obstacle with your little toe, three-gun-game-style, does not count and will result in a DQ on that stage.

10) Targets will be shot from left to right on all stages unless you are told differently..


Pistols may be carried loaded at all times on and off the course, so long as the pistol is holstered. Rifles will only be loaded on the command of a range officer. Rifles will be cleared in and out of each shooting station. A safety violation (coming into a station with a rifle with a loaded magazine inserted or a round in the chamber) will result in your being asked to leave.

"Make Ready" - at ranges requiring use of the rifle, you will be given the command to "Make Ready." This applies to your rifle, and NOTHING else. It is not a free rest period, and it is not the place to admin your gear, your mags, or anything else. "Make Ready," means load your rifle, and nothing else. Your ear protection should already be on, your pistol should have already been prepped, and your gear is whatever it is. Take care of your administrative tasks BEFORE you enter a range.

Moving with a loaded rifle - On some ranges you will need to move with a loaded rifle. It is a requirement that you put your rifle on safe before you begin your movement from a firing position. So, before you start to rise from whatever position you managed to contort yourself into, thumb the thing to safe.

Moving with a drawn pistol - On some ranges you will need to move with your pistol in your hand, which of course, be loaded. Some pistols don't have safeties. Don't be stupid. Keep the thing safe and pointed down range.

THE COURSE OF FIRE: (absolutely subject to change)

Round count: 34 Rifle, 31 pistol

Station #1 (The Rifleman's almost quarter mile) 8 hits rifle

Shooter will start standing at the firing position. There will be 3 steel targets in the arroyo at ranges between 150 and 200 yards, and a fourth target at 300 yards. Working from any practical position, the targets will be shot from near to far, left to right, - twice. So the shooter will start with the lefthand close target, and score two hits. He will then do the same for the center and far right close targets. Last the shooter will shoot the 300 yard target, scoring two hits. The 300-yard target will be an IPSC/torso-type silhouette approximately 18" wide by 30" tall. The shooter will be facing westerly, so if you are running in the afternoon, take this into account regarding your optics.

Station #2 (River Walk) 10 hits pistol, 2 hits rifle

Shooter will advance into the river and then make ready at the designated point. On the buzzer shooter will engage two 8-inch disks scoring 5 hits on each disk for a total of 10 hits. Shooter will then transition to rifle and score 1 hit each on the two 12x18 targets about 75 yards distant down river. Just a reminder, please take a moment to safely holster your pistol as you transition.

Station #3 (Pistol Palooza) 20 hits pistol

Shooter will make ready at the firing line and may ground the rifle. On the buzzer shooter will advance to the first stage and score 5 hits on each of the two targets, advance to the second stage and score 5 hits on the single target, and then advance to the third position and score five hits on the final target.

Station #4 (Shoot the Dog) 1 hit pistol

On the buzzer Shooter will shoot the adorable Bloodhound target with his pistol. He will then holster the pistol before entering the river to proceed downstream between the banks until encountering the river egress point. There is no score for this station, but the shooter cannot advance until the target is hit once.

Station #5 (Kitty on a Hot Tin Roof) 6 hits rifle

On the buzzer shooter will safely mount the simulated rooftop and engage the two targets at approximately 150 yards, scoring one hit on each. He will then place his rifle on safe, dismount the rooftop, and proceed to the second and third barricades, scoring one hit on each target at each shooting position.

Station #6 (Reinforce the hill) 6 hits rifle

From the start point, shooter will move forward approximately 15 yards to the firing point. Shooter will then engage with his rifle and score two hits on each of three targets, working left to right (6 hits total). Target ranges vary from 150 to 250 yards, position dictated by terrain. The targets are full-sized Doghouse (head & shoulder) silhouettes.

Station #7 (Fight to your foxhole) 6 hits rifle

On the buzzer, shooter will engage two targets at approximately 175 yards, scoring one hit on each. Shooter will then advance to the designated rifle pit and engage the targets again, scoring one hit on each. Shooter will then advance to the low crawl obstacle, crawl to the end so that his head is clear of the obstacle, and engage the two targets once more, scoring two more hits.

Station #8 (Clear the Alley) 6 hits rifle

Shooter will engage the visible targets from the first firing position, scoring one hit on each. Shooter will then advance to the next marked position and engage a second set of targets that will be visible from the position, scoring one hit on each. Shooter will then advance again, and engage the third set of targets that are only visible from the third shooting point. At the third shooting position the wall of the ditch must be used as cover (ditchside prone?).