2021 Run 'n Gun 'n the Sun - PRELIMINARY Course of Fire and Other Instructions

Friday - Range Officers meet Friday at Valero gas station in Toyah at 7:30 am

Saturday - A convoy for runners will meet at the Valero in Toyah, Texas at 7:00 am. Run order will be determined that morning.

Anyone is welcome to come out earlier. Directions will be posted on the website. Shut any gates behind you.

NO steel-core ammo allowed on the course.

Saturday afternoon banquet will be On-Site. Chicken Fry, we hope. Bring your own beverage.

Porta-johns will be available.

Camping is allowed Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

GATES - If at any point when entering or exiting the ranch, if you pass through a gate, shut it behind you. If you are in a group, and you are riding drag, close the gate. If in doubt, close the gate.

Bring shade. There is no shade other than what you bring.

Bring Water. There is NO potable water at the Ranch.

The course is approximately 7 (Larry's best guess) miles long this year. Water crossing depends on rain. There is some mud at the moment, and lots of high grass.

Clothing - some of the shooting positions are on rocky ground. Clothing that gives some protection to knees and elbows would not be stupid (just hot).

GENERAL PROCEDURES AND SAFETY Pistols may be carried loaded at all times, on and off the course, so long as the pistol is holstered. Rifles will only be loaded on the command of a range officer. Rifles will be cleared in and out of each shooting station. A safety violation (coming into a station with a rifle with a loaded magazine inserted, or a round in the chamber) will result in your being asked to leave.

"Make Ready" - at ranges requiring use of the rifle, you will be given the command to "Make Ready." This applies to your rifle, and NOTHING else. It is not a free rest period, and it is not the place to admin your gear, your mags, or anything else. "Make Ready," means load your rifle, and nothing else. Your ear protection should already be on, your pistol should have already been prepped, and your gear is whatever it is. Take care of your administrative tasks BEFORE you enter a range.

Moving with a loaded rifle - On some ranges you will need to move with a loaded rifle. It is a requirement that you put your rifle on safe before you begin your movement from a firing position. So, before you start to rise from whatever position you've managed to contort yourself into, put the thing on safe.

Moving with a drawn pistol - On some ranges you will need to move with your pistol in your hand, which of course, is loaded. Some pistols don't have "safeties," other than the good sense God gave you. Don't be stupid. Use the safety if it has one. Keep the thing safe and pointed in a safe direction. Keep your finger off the trigger when not engaging targets.

Time - Maximum time allowed at each shooting stage is 2 minutes.

Shooting aids - No shooting sticks, bipods and other shooting supports are allowed save what nature (Larry) provides within the shooting areas.

Targets will be shot from left to right on all stages unless you are told differently.

THE COURSE OF FIRE: (absolutely subject to change)

Round count: 22 Rifle, 18 pistol

Note - we are still working on the range.

Station #1 Pistol - Oklahoma Surprise (8 hits): Shooter will ground rifle, drop his trousers and assume a squatting position (leaving underwear in place of course to preserve modesty). On the command, "Surprise" shooter will then address a combination of 12"x18" rectangular, and 6" round, targets with his pistol with one hit each. After clearing the first two targets, shooter should pull up his trousers before moving to the second and third and fourth shooting points. A hit on each target must be registered before moving to the next point.

Stations #2 Rifle - Pecos first date (6 hits): Starting from a standing position, on command shooter will assume a prone position behind cover and engage two targets at 100 yards with one hit on each. Shooter will then low crawl to a second, and then to a third, shooting position, engaging both targets at each stage. Low crawl, as in "crawl on your belly like a reptile" NOT on your hands and knees like a baby. Shooter may cradle rifle in his arms a' la Infantry Training School proper movement, but will maintain an awareness of his muzzle in doing so. Rifle muzzle must protrude past the marking tape at each position before engaging targets.

Station #3 Rifle - Live Fire Burpees (6 hits): Shooter will engage and hit two targets (doghouse silhouettes 18" tall by 24" wide) from three shooting points, utilizing available cover and concealment, at approximately 300 yards.

Station #4 Pistol - Wall of Fun (10 hits): Shooter will engage a single 12"x18" target from 5 shooting positions marked on a barricade starting to the left of the "rooftop." Shooter must register 2 hits on the target from each position.

Low Crawl - Just have fun, no shooting involved. We only include this because Randy insists on it.

Station #5 Down the Hill (6 hits rifle): Shooter will engage two 12"x18" targets at approximately 225 yards scoring one hit on each, before repeating the process at a second and a third shooting point.

Station #6 Defending the Hill (4 hits rifle): Shooter will engage the Right-Hand target at 350 yards with one hit, then engage the Left-Hand 400 yard target with one hit - then rinse and repeat, for four hits total. 350 target is a doghouse silhouette (18" x 24"). 400 yard target is 30" tall by 24" wide (the proverbial barn door).