2017 Run `n Gun `n the Sun - Course of Fire

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NO steel-core ammo allowed on the course. ROs will be using magnets to check. If you are caught with steel core ammo and punching holes in our steel, the result will be less than good for you.

READ THE COURSE OF FIRE. Stations 1 and 4 are not your usual Scenarios, and if you are unfamiliar with these kind of drills, and do not practice them a few times (dry fire in the living room is fine), you may well get caught flat footed on race day.

YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO KNOW THE COF FOR STATIONS 1 AND 4. RO's will NOT rehash/repeat/go over the course of fire at Stations 1 and 4. Understand the COF before you start the race. Feel free to send Smokey questions at smokey@pecos.net. Please enter Run n Gun in the subject line or your mail will likely be relegated to the trash bin without being read.

Contact #s: Smokey 432-448-2049 / smokey@pecos.net Larry 432-448-3810 Cecil 432- 448-3841

1) The Map to the range is on the under the heading, "Maps." The directions are: Go North on US 285 through Pecos. About one mile after you cross the Railroad tracks, veer right onto FM 1216. Go about 8 miles. Range is on the right. You will see a white trailer house and a rusted tin barn. There is also an interactive map on the new Rifle Club website on the Run N Gun page.

2) Be at the range at 730AM Saturday morning, September 16. Run order will be determined that morning. Latecomers run last, if at all.

3) Parking is tight. Pay attention to the guys showing you where to park.

4) Porta-johns will be onsite.

5) Bring shade. There is zero other than what you bring.

6) The course is 4.5-5 miles long. Tumbleweeds are a possibility this year.

7) Maximum time allowed at each stage is 2 minutes.

8) No shooting sticks, bipods and other shooting supports are allowed.

9) Obstacles/terrain on the shooting ranges must be used as cover/concealment and may be used as a shooting support, and touching the obstacle with your little toe, three-gun-game-style, does not count and will result in a DQ on that stage.

10) There may be a water crossing along the course. Plan appropriately.


Station #1 (Fourth Grade Math - Pistol only, rifle grounded) The range consists of six targets numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6, distributed randomly at about 10 paces. Shooter will start with pistol holstered and rifle grounded. On the buzzer, the Range Officer will show the shooter an index card with a number written on it. The shooter must then pick three targets which, if added together, equal the number written on the index card. The three solution numbers must be different. (For example you cannot use 3+3+2= 8 to arrive at a solution). The "solution targets" must then be hit with two rounds each. Upon successfully completing the first problem, the shooter will advance two paces, and repeat the drill with a NEW number. Example: the number on the index card is 9. Shooter decides that 5+3+1 equals 9. Shooter then shoots the No. 5 target twice, the No. 1 target twice, and the No. 3 target twice. (No required order). Hitting the wrong target, or using the same numbered target twice, or using a target more than once to make the sum, will result in a zero time for the station.

PRACTICE this a few times before you come. It is not that difficult, but can be challenging if you have never worked cognitive shooting drills before.

NOTE: Top 25 percent shooters from past years will have to solve the following equation: ax + bx + c = 7 where a = 4, b=9 and c= 11, graph the solution at points a, b, and c, and then shoot the y axis coordinate for each point on the graph. Scratch paper will not be provided.

Station #2 (Fight to your foxhole) Shooter will start in the river bed. On the command of "Make Ready" both rifle and pistol will be made ready. On the buzzer, shooter will engage three silhouettes across the river at 15-30 yards, with his pistol. After scoring two hits on each target, shooter will transition from pistol to rifle, and move forward to the next flagged position and engage two rifle targets at approximately 150 yards and score one hit each. Shooter will then move to the third and final flagged position, just past the low crawl obstacle, and engage the same two rifle targets (now at approximately 100 yards) and score one hit on each.

Station #3 (Reinforce the hill, rifle only) From the start point, shooter will move forward approximately 50 yards to the firing point. Shooter will then engage and score two hits on each of three targets, working left to right (6 hits total). Target ranges vary from 150 to 250 yards, position dictated by terrain. The targets are full-sized Doghouse (head & shoulder) silhouettes.

Station #4 (The "One through Five" drill). On the buzzer, the Range Officer will present the shooter with an index card with three numbers written on it, one on top of the other, from top to bottom. Shooter will then engage the targets in the order on the card (to to bottom), and then in reverse, hitting the first target once, the second target twice, the third target three times, the fourth target four times, and the fifth target five times (a total of 15 hits). The targets will be placed at approximately 150 yards, and may be engaged from any position. EXAMPLE: On the buzzer the range officer shows the shooter a card numbered 2,1,3. The correct solution is: Hit target #2 once, target #1 twice, target #3 three times, target #1 four times, and target #2 five times. Shooting the wrong target, or shooting a correct target too many times, or not enough times, before transitioning to the next target, will result in a zero time.

NOTE: Do it a couple of times in your head and it will make sense. The key is to take a visual snapshot of the card with the numbers on it, and then work your way down and back up. However, the Index card will be visible throughout the drill, and you will be able to refer to it.

Station #5 (Sneaky Pete) Shooter will use his pistol to engage a single 12" x 18" target working his way down a V-Tac board. The target is about 10 paces. Shooter will work from top-to-bottom, using the painted slots/holes/shelfs, and must score one hit firing through each painted hole. Shooter will switch hands and shoot the last shot using his offhand. (7 hits total)

Station #6 (The Rifleman's almost quarter mile) Shooter will move forward from the start point to the firing line on the buzzer. There will be 4 steel targets in the arroyo at ranges from 150 to 300 yards. Working from any practical position, each target must be hit twice, working from shortest ranged target to longest. The 300-yard target will be an IPSC/torso-type silhouette approximately 18" wide by 30" tall. The shooter will be facing westerly, so if you are running in the afternoon, take this into account regarding your optics.