The Run `n Gun is a center-fire biathlon. The competition is the project of the Pecos Rifle Club. We created the run as a fun way to test man and equipment, and to have something to train for throughout the year. This event is not easy to put on. The range is far and away from civilization and the logistics are a stretch. Good attitudes are required. If a minor hitch in plans will ruin your whole day, this event is not for you.

The course is roughly 5 to 7 miles, cross country, with shooting events spread along the course. Competitors must carry all their gear, including water, stuck case extractors and anything else. No outside help is allowed. Competitors receive a score for their run time, and a score for each shooting event. The scores are then tallied on a spreadsheet so that run time counts 50%, and the combined shooting scores count 50%.


Safety: Firearms safety is a matter of common sense. Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your finger off the trigger. This includes all staging areas. If you are unsafe, you will be told to leave.

Run Order: Runners will run in an order that best suits the needs of the event. Run order is determined the morning of the event. Range officers (RO's) will run the day before the main event, so that we will not need to shift range officers around during the main event. Only range officers will run on Friday. RO's will then camp out and the range should be operational by the time competitors start arriving Saturday morning. Any non-Range officer competitors who would like to RO on Friday are welcome, but you cannot run until Saturday. If you are willing to serve as an RO, or run a range on Friday for the RO's, please let us know. RO's will be selected to best suit the needs of the event. Volunteers welcome and appreciated.

Stopwatch: All runners must carry a stopwatch of some kind. If a range is in use when a runner arrives it is the runner's duty to start his stopwatch and show the range officer how long he had to wait. This time will be noted by the range officer and taken off the final run time. This will happen. Be prepared. (And, range officers will also have a stopwatch, to mark your wait time. Yours is a backup in case things are SNAFU).

Recommended gear: Semi-automatic rifle and spare magazines, one gallon of liquid, 80 rounds of ammunition, cleaning kit/ruptured case extractor, running shoes or boots, and a pistol. Protective eyewear required for all pistol stages.

Timing Gear: All timing will be done with stopwatches. Time starts on the RO's command and stops when the last round is either down range, or the last reactive target is hit, depending on the course of fire.

The Run: The course is flagged with 10ft pvc and engineer's tape. The flags are set "as the crow flies" between ranges. Staying close to the flags is highly recommended so that you do not navigate yourself into the impact area of a range. Competitors may carry a pistol (live) for snakes and other varmints. Rifles will be safe (no loaded magazine inserted, no round in the chamber) at all times except when competitor is on a live range.